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Lease faster, lease more, and lease longer with Lisa on your team

The introduction of Lisa, an innovative platform, promises to revolutionise property management. With Lisa on your team, you'll not only lease faster but also lease more and lease longer. This article serves as an introductory guide to how Lisa's integrated functions—Lease, Engage, and Market—empower property owners, managers, and brokers to excel in the dynamic landscape of commercial real estate.

Lease faster, lease more, lease longer with Lisa
Lease faster, lease more, lease longer with Lisa

Lease faster with Lease

Lease is the core of the platform, providing a centralised source of truth and action for asset managers, leasing teams, property managers, and brokers. It automates the entire leasing process, simplifying deal management, and accelerates communication around the deal. By streamlining information sharing and integration with financial asset management systems, Lease empowers your team to close deals more swiftly, saving both time and money.

We go into detail about Lease in this blog.

Lease more with Market

Market empowers property professionals to excel in property marketing. It simplifies campaign creation, allowing you to create high-quality, targeted marketing campaigns effortlessly. Lisa's Market function integrates seamlessly with the core of the platform, Lease, ensuring leads generated through marketing campaigns are efficiently assigned to the right team members. This real-time tracking of tenant demand and inquiries allows for data-driven adjustments, optimising tenant experiences and driving revenue, helping you lease more.

Learn more about Market in this blog.

Lease longer with Engage

Engage takes a proactive approach to tenant management, ensuring tenant satisfaction, lease renewals, and the creation of interconnected communities within properties. By enhancing the tenant experience, streamlining tasks, and offering value-added services, Lisa's Engage function keeps tenants for the long term. This function ensures that your properties become destinations for business communities to thrive, promoting longer-term tenant relationships and lease renewals.

You can read more about Engage here.


With the integrated functions of Lease, Engage, and Market, you can excel in leasing, tenant management, and property marketing. This innovative platform is set to transform your property management operations, allowing you to lease faster, lease more, and lease longer. Welcome to the future of commercial real estate, where Lisa is on your team, ready to redefine success in property management.


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