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Introducing Lisa: the future of commercial real estate management

Commercial real estate management is undergoing a transformative change, thanks to the relentless march of technology. Amid this exciting evolution, a smart leasing platform named Lisa is making waves, promising to revolutionise the entire leasing process. In this article, we'll explore how Lisa, the Smart Leasing Platform, is poised to disrupt and improve commercial real estate management by automating deal management, enhancing tenant relationships, and providing deep analytics.

Proptech is disrupting commercial real estate
Proptech is disrupting commercial real estate

The role of technology in real estate disruption

Technology is disrupting the real estate industry like never before. Traditionally seen as a conservative sector, real estate has witnessed a surge in innovation, and leasing, a critical driver for boosting revenue, is the new target of tech-driven transformation. Lisa is at the forefront of this revolution, offering a suite of features that promises to reshape how commercial real estate is managed.

Automated deal management

Lisa centralises and automates the deal management process, providing a single source of truth for your leasing portfolio. This means that property owners, managers, and brokers can easily access and manage all leasing data in one place. It eliminates the need for disparate systems and spreadsheets, streamlining processes and reducing the risk of errors. The benefits are evident - streamlined workflows, reduced operational costs, and increased efficiency.

Tenant relationship tools

One of Lisa's most significant advantages is its ability to foster better relationships with tenants. In the world of commercial real estate, tenant satisfaction and engagement are paramount. Lisa offers tools and features designed to enhance these relationships. From streamlined communication channels to community-building resources, Lisa ensures that tenants feel valued, which ultimately leads to higher tenant retention rates.

Deep analytics

Lisa offers more than deal and tenant management; it provides a treasure trove of deep data insights, acting as your go-to source for informed action. This resource empowers asset managers, leasing teams, property managers, and brokers with the necessary information to expedite deal closures. With centralised control, streamlined workflows, and end-to-end deal management, Lisa simplifies the journey from lead to lease. Its seamless collaboration and integration with your financial asset management system ensure quick access to the latest data for strategic leasing decisions. In essence, Lisa's deep data insights elevate your real estate operations, enabling you to identify opportunities and optimise ROI.

Saving time and money

In the world of commercial real estate, time is money. With Lisa, you can close deals 60% faster. This not only means that revenue is generated more swiftly, but it also reduces the holding costs associated with vacant properties. Furthermore, Lisa's ability to double tenant demand means properties are more likely to be filled promptly, further accelerating revenue generation.

Simplified marketing

Lisa automates property marketing from start to finish. This includes content creation, distribution, analytics, and optimisation. Marketing couldn't be simpler with Lisa. The platform ensures that your properties reach the right audience through effective marketing strategies. This not only saves time but also results in increased tenant demand and higher occupancy rates.

Growing tenant revenue and renewals

One of the key features of Lisa is its space-as-a-service tenant solutions. By offering flexible leasing options, Lisa can help boost tenant retention, renewals, and revenue. These solutions also have a community-building aspect, bolstering engagement among tenants and creating a sense of belonging within a property.


Lisa is a groundbreaking solution for commercial real estate, designed to assist property owners, managers, and brokers across all commercial real estate sectors. Its smart leasing platform streamlines deal management, enhances tenant relationships, provides deep analytics, and simplifies marketing.


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