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Lease: Lisa’s core function that streamlines the lead to lease process

a person signing a digital lease
lease faster, lease more, and lease longer with Lease

The ability to streamline operations, from initial lease inquiries to tenant engagement, is crucial for success in the current landscape of commercial real estate. Enter Lisa, a revolutionary smart leasing platform that offers a centralised source of truth and action, facilitating and automating the entire leasing process. In this article, we'll explore how Lisa simplifies commercial real estate operations, empowers all stakeholders, and transforms the way leasing is managed.

See It All. Do It All.

At the core of Lisa's platform is the Lease function, is the backbone that enables asset managers, leasing teams, property managers, and brokers to navigate and manage the leasing portfolio seamlessly. Here's how Lease helps streamline commercial real estate operations:

1. Central nerve centre: one view to rule them all

Lease serves as the central nerve centre for your leasing portfolio. It centralises control, providing a single view of all your leasing activity from lead to lease. This unified view ensures that every stakeholder has access to accurate and up-to-date data, allowing for strategic decisions to be made swiftly. By consolidating leasing information, Lease eliminates data silos and enhances collaboration among teams.

2. Deal management: keeping the momentum

One of the pivotal roles of Lisa’s Lease function is managing every stage of the deal. It ensures that deals progress smoothly and efficiently across all teams. By providing a clear picture of the entire deal cycle, Lease minimises potential bottlenecks and keeps deal momentum flowing. This streamlined process reduces the risk of deals falling through the cracks and optimises the use of resources.

3. Workflow automation: seamless coordination

A person using Lease on their laptop
Lease improves the coordination between teams

Lease automates workflow, facilitating seamless coordination between asset managers, leasing teams, property managers, and brokers. Information flows effortlessly, and automated alerts keep everyone in the loop. This level of automation not only speeds up the leasing process but also ensures that every step is executed efficiently and in a timely manner.

4. Automatic lease creation: A simplified experience

Lease simplifies the leasing experience for tenants with automatic lease creation. It builds and sends lease agreements directly from the platform, reducing the need for manual paperwork and simplifying the leasing process. This not only enhances the tenant experience but also saves time and resources for property managers.

5. Integration: real-time Data at your fingertips

Lisa seamlessly integrates with your financial asset management system, providing live data. This includes vacancy lists, leasing portfolio updates, and renewal opportunities. Having access to real-time data ensures that you can make informed decisions based on the most up-to-date information available. Integration with financial systems is a game-changer for asset managers and property owners, as it ensures that data is not only accurate but also readily available.

6. Leasing data & insights: driving revenue

Lisa’s Lease function provides real-time, accurate, and actionable data and insights. This invaluable information empowers stakeholders to make data-driven decisions, optimise leasing strategies, and drive revenue. By having the right data and insights at your fingertips, you can maximise your commercial real estate portfolio's potential.


From lead to lease, Lisa's smart leasing platform revolutionises the way commercial real estate operations are managed. With Lisa’s Lease function providing a central source of truth and action, commercial property managers, asset managers, leasing teams, and brokers can streamline their processes, minimise bottlenecks, and make data-driven decisions to drive revenue and boost tenant engagement.

Watch the video below to learn ore about how Lease transformed Inospace's leasing capabilities.


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